Monday, July 17, 2017

First Day of Big A

 From the heart of Emma

            Today was the first day of Big A (VBS).  We also started our actual ministry today and saw God a lot too!  My group this morning was doing service of evangelism and we weren’t very successful at first.  My team and I drove around Detroit for roughly an hour, and as we were driving, we saw a lady on her slanted steps leading up to her porch but something told CJ and I to go back there.  We ended up driving by her house about 3-4 time (creepers, right) and we got out and chatted with her for about half an hour.  At first, she was slightly rude and was apprehensive to talk to us.  Once she was comfortable around us and we shared why we were there, we had a great conversation.  Tomorrow, we are actually going to go back to her home and will be fixing the staircase leading up to her front porch and entrance.  I’m so excited to see where God will take our conversations and how he is going to work through us tomorrow while we are with her.
            Big A was super fun today too.  I’m with the 11-14 year old girls and really psyched to see what the rest of the week will bring.  Meeting all the kids, big and small, brought me so much joy.  You wouldn’t believe all the girls that wanted to braid my hair too.  Definitely will be bringing my brush and a few more ponytail holders for tomorrow.  Something this trip is making me realize how different life is in the Brainerd Lakes Area now that I’m here and experience the culture of Detroit.

From the heart of Chad

            Today was the first day of actually getting to work.  Let me tell you before I get going even though we are in the same country as you back home, the culture here is way different.  Ok now, started today with a cold breakfast that was great.  I feel like a kid again mixing cereal up in the same bowl to taste what is made of it all.  Some of the students are having some struggles to get to thing on time but they are trying to get better.  Then after breakfast we had a time of devotion, which was real good for all of us.  We learned about how Jesus is and what he does for us.  Plus we learned how Jesus blends his judgment and grace to all of us.  The real cool thing all of us did in the workbook was write are own Psalm to Jesus from our hearts.  The students are so engaged in the discussion that they are out on the patio right now still having that discussion from this morning.  God is really working on the students and the leaders.  After devo’s we split into group and half went prayer walking.  Then half of the groups went out to serving. 

My group was one of the groups out servicing the people.  As a group we drove for about two hours around Detroit to find what we can do to serve the people.   We prayed as we drove then we got two ideas.   But God had another plan.  We talked to Kevin about the one thing we would like to do and you know what happen?  God used Kevin to unveil the group’s eyes about what serving really is.  It’s not about going and building something or cleaning some thing.  It’s about doing something to start a relationship with someone that is longing for someone to be kind to him or her and that wants to listen.  This was the big highlight of my day.  To watch the group action, it was like a light bulb moment.   After that the group found what we are going to do to serve in 15 minutes.  So tomorrow we will going to Cass Park and clean up all the trash in the park.  Then we will serve them a solid meal and talk with who ever want to talk.  

VBS started today.  Like the first day for everything it was a little rocking but over all it was good.  The kids where engaged in everything we asked them to do.  Which was great to see.  All the Timberwood youth did a great job keeping the kids moving and engaged.  It was just a awesome first day of the team to really watch and learn how to see what God is doing here. 

Thanks to all you back home supporting us and praying for us here in Detroit.  God bless you all for that.

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  1. God is working in & through you as you reach out to a community that can benefit from your talents, your skills, your compassion & your faith.
    "You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was completed by his works; For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead."
    James 2:22‭, ‬26 ESV