Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 5 of Big A

Hi. Jannah Hall here.
At this moment in time I am sitting on the first flight of stairs at Detroit Love (the place where we're staying at, for those of you who don't know) trying to figure out what to say. Logically I should start out with what we did this morning and work my way to the present, but I think I'll switch things up a bit. 
An hour ago, probably, we had desert baked by our wonderful cook Lori. (Hands down she is the best and sweetest cook I've ever met. Sorry Grandma!) Prior to that we had our "moment of praise and worship" with everyone who had the fortune of being in this building at the time. There we reflected on the day that we had and how we saw the Holy Spirit, along with that we worshiped Him through singing. We had dinner before that and chores before that still. But now for "the main point," pause for dramatic effect…….BIG A!!!!!!!!!!! For me, personally, it was kind-a sort-a uneventful in the sense of all the kids in my small group failed to show up, for good reason I'm sure, but even though my kids weren't there, I still learned a lot from other kids. I learned that even when you're young, you still can have a servants heart, and I also learned that you can still be happy and joyous even when God has different plans then you anticipated, all from these young kids! 
To end on a fast paced summery, before Big A everyone had the opportunity to go shopping for souvenirs, I declined because I was too tired, but almost everyone else went and got pretty cool stuff. Before that was lunch and before lunch was the opportunity of  either serving evangelism or prayer walking. Brionna Haag and I brought lasagna, vegetables, cookies and cleaning supplies to a fire Dept. near by for our serving evangelism, they’re pretty cool guys. To “quickly” finish this, (even though I said I was going to finish this quickly like a half hour ago) before serve evangelism/prayer walking was devotions, (we’re studying James by the way) before devotions was breakfast and before breakfast was when I took a shower. So, there you go. All of today, July 15th, backwards.
Je vous souhaite Fairwell.

            This is Noah Borleis here reporting on the last day in D-town(Detroit). We have had a good week so far. We have done so many things in and through the community (as I’m sure you have heard. Today I went to the police dept. with Kenna, Ashley, Ben, Lilli, and Kevin. We finished what we had started on Tuesday. Which was a refurbishing landscaping project. It looks one million times better than it did before. Then we went to the east side of Detroit to go shopping. I ended up buying a hat from a store called Pure Detroit. I would tell you about all the things we did but Jannah already told you about it. One thing that the book of James and Kevin Dean has taught me is that praying intentionally and believing what your praying for will happen is the only way prayer works. And that was big for me because I didn’t really pray much in the past. So that is one thing that I will bring home with me.
Love yall,

Noah Borleis

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